Speech & Drama

This class helps give students an appreciation of drama, acting and theatre in a relaxed and friendly environment where the needs of the individual student are catered for.  Students work on theatre games, improvisation, scripts, mime, movement etc. as they gain confidence, improve their social skills and learn teamwork.  Students also do singing and dancing as they prepare for the end of year show.

Dance/Musical Theatre

This class is designed for students who like to combine all the elements of music, song, dance and drama in one class!  This class encourages students of all abilities to develop confidence in their performance skills and learn teamwork, while working on material from various musicals and preparing for our end of year show. 

Youth Theatre

Our Youth Theatre Drama is for more experienced students who have a real passion for the subject or are perhaps considering a career in acting. The Youth Theatre incorporates Mime, Movement, Voice, Improvisation Techniques, Text Analysis, Characterisation, Make-Up and Costume Design, Directing, Acting to Camera, and Stage Techniques.  


Ballet classes are designed to introduce children to the basics of dancing, movement, coordination, rhythm and timing. But most of all, these classes aim to teach children to appreciate dance and all the fun that goes with it! We introduce correct ballet terms from 'demi-plie' & 'sautes' to positions of the arms etc. and we focus on introducing a beautiful ballet posture to our dancers.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop class is about evolving strength, technique, and style while focusing on attack and confidence. Learn amazing acrobatics and dances to your favourite pop songs in a fun, high-energy class.