"PUNK ROCK" by Simon Stephens
DADA Youth Theatre presented this powerfully intense play deals with a group of young people preparing for their end of school exams, a pressure cooker situation that is about to become too much for at least one of them. 
"BUGSY MALONE" by Alan Parker
Celebrating our 20th end of year production with Bugsy Malone!
This slapstick musical comedy follows the rivalry between two half-witted street gangs, will Fat Sam's gang give Dandy Dan and his boys what they've got coming?
29th to 31st of May at 7pm, 1st of June at 1pm & 7pm at the Civic Theatre. Tickets on sale online and the box office (01) 462 7477.

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The Dublin Academy of Dramatic Arts is committed to quality training for young people in the areas of Drama, Speech, Musical Theatre and Dance.  
We offer age-appropriate classes for
pre-schoolers to young adults.
Led by our director Hilary Cahill, the teaching staff at DADA are a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals.
Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all our students to explore their own self expression, develop confidence and creativity in a fun and safe environment.